About Goldens

Originally from Scotland the Golden Retriever breed as we know it today was several generations in the making. In 1865, Dudley Marjoribanks began the breeding process. Starting with a yellow retriever, Nous and a Tweed Water Spaniel, Belle, from there wavy-coated retrievers, another Tweed Water Spaniel and a red setter were added to the mix. In the process the yellow pups were the ones primarily retained. 1925 was the year the first Golden Retriever was registered with AKC. 1970 however was when the growth in popularity took place. Average weight for a male is 65-75 pounds and 55-65 pounds for a female.

Golden Retrievers have the well known reputation of being a family dog that is great with children and adults alike. They are also known for their love of water and clearly as the name depicts retrieving but most of all Goldens are known for their loyalty to their owners and their constant desire to please their humans, eager, alert and self-confident are appropriate descriptive terms for this breed.

Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent and are easy to train and the more time spent training them the more desirable a family member they become. Goldens also have a propensity for skin allergies, ear infections and his dysplasia. With the correct medical care none of these issues should be an impediment to a long and fulfilled life. The average life span for a Golden is 12 years (way too short).

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